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So how do people make money out of Instagram?


Do you love taking photographs of random things such as flowers or sunsets? Are you someone who takes pictures of virtually everything in sight? Would you love to decorate your home with amazing prints? Do you currently use Instagram to share you photos with friends and family members? Would you like to see your pictures in print? If you have said yes to any or all of the above then perhaps you will want to join millions and look into Instaprint!

 What is Instaprint?

It is a new way for aspiring photographers such as yourself to potentially make a little extra cash just by doing what you love to do naturally! You take the photos of the things you want to and if someone likes your picture, they will have the option to purchase it in print as a canvas print, framed print, greeting cards and posters or acrylic prints.

You get to choose the price for your various works of art and when one sells, you will make money! Payments to you will be made via PayPal on the 15th of every month for the previous month.


 How does Instaprint work?


Every photograph you upload to Instagram will be eligible to get sold if you want it to and if you have added a hashtag or location to your picture.

When a person puts in a search for a location, hashtag or keyword that fits one of photos your picture will pop out of their Instaprint machine. They get an instant photograph that kind of resembles the old photo booth prints.

What makes it even better is; if you put in a search for a location such as New York and you find a picture that you want to print out, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay extra for the printer ink. The Instaprint machine works the same way as old Polaroid cameras use to. You push the button (in this case print) and out pops the photograph. The ink is inside the paper and the image is kind of stamped rather than using ink to print it out.


How do you make money with Instaprint?


For every type of product that Instaprint sells they charge a base price. For example, if someone wants a canvas print the base rate is $25.00. If you want to make money off your photographs then you price it at an amount above that base fee, say you want to make $10.00 for your 8×8 canvas prints then you should charge $35.00. If you have a photo that you think will sell for more then perhaps you can go up a little more.




If someone likes the photographs you take, there is also a community feature that will let them add you to their favorite photographers list and then they can follow you. This feature also allows users to chat in online discussions with other members, advertise events that are in their area, and talk about favorite photos.

 Is it right for you?


Whether you love to take photographs or simply want to decorate your home with amazing prints, Instaprint will be a good choice for you! It’s easy to print and easy to earn. Why wouldn’t you want to become a part of it?



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